MUFC started in 1994 to help talented players and their families escape poverty in the slums

MUFC coaches and players are all from the Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA)

MYSA has 26,348 players on 1,793 teams in over 202 youth leagues in the Mathare slums

MUFC was commonly referred to as “the slum boys” by the Kenyan media before 1998

MUFC, after winning the 1998 FKF Cup, then became “the defending champions” in the media

MUFC also won promotion to the top tier Kenyan Premier League (KPL) in 1998

MUFC was ranked by the IFFHS as the second best Kenyan club in Africa during 2000-10

MUFC was voted by fans as one of the top four most popular clubs in Kenya in 2013 and 2014

MUFC has an annual Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) of over Ksh 760 million (US$ 7.6m)


Performance 1994-15

MUFC played 661 League, 58 Cup and 26 international matches since 1994

MUFC won or tied 573 of its 745 League, Cup and international matches (77%)

MUFC outscored its opponents by 1,068 goals to 608 goals (64% of all goals)

MUFC won or tied 379 of its 498 Premier League matches since 1999 (76%)

MUFC won three national and four other Cup titles plus the 2008 Kenyan Premier League

MUFC maintained a fairplay record with less yellow and red cards than most other clubs

MUFC players completed over 6,000 hours of community service annually

MUFC/MYSA have had over 40 players abroad on teams in Africa, Asia, Europe and USA


Other KPL and National Teams

MUFC/MYSA alumni constitute over 20% of the Kenyan Premier League players and coaches

MUFC has provided over 60 players and coaches for Kenyan national senior and youth teams

The 2008 Harambee Stars national team was the most successful in Kenyan football history

In 2008 Kenya rose an unprecedented 52 places in the FIFA World Ranking (120th to 68th)

Kenya also qualified for the final round for the 2010 African Cup of Nations/FIFA World Cup

11 players plus the Head Coach and Team Manager were current or former MYSA/MUFC players

Nearly half of players on Kenyan national youth teams are current or former MYSA/MUFC players

Unique in Kenya and Globally

MUFC players and coaches are from the same slums and youth development programme

MUFC players have a contractual obligation to do 20 hours of community service every month

MUFC players and coaches all coach one or more MYSA youth teams

MUFC called “the most remarkable football club in the world” by Sir Bobby Charlton