Simon: I am no longer Simple

Mathare United diehard fan Simon "Simple Simon" Kimani addresses players when they visited him at Levuka Treatment Center on Sunday 4 June. Simon has completed his three month rehabilitation programme and has vowed to shun alcoholism.

Mathare United diehard fan Simon Kimani has vowed to shun alcoholism after completing his three month rehabilitation programme at Levuka Treatment Centre. 

Having endured more than a decade deep in the pangs of drug and substance abuse, Simon approached club chairman Bob Munro to help him lead a sober life and the response was in the affirmative. Simple Simon, as he is affectionately referred to in local football circles, has been at the centre since February when the club volunteered to support him in his reformation journey by enrolling him at Levuka.

While addressing players at the Tigoni based facility, Simon was grateful to the club for the continued support during his stay and pledged to live responsibly once he is discharged on Wednesday 7 July. 


"I am happy that you have spared time to come and visit me here. It is very encouraging to see you here because this is my family. I promised you not to let you down and I believe you can see that I have improved greatly. So far the journey has been tough but I know that there are better days ahead of me. I am no longer Simple. Alcohol made me simple but now I am a changed man. I want to be a good example in the ghetto," began an emotional Kimani. 

Interestingly Simon has been monitoring the progress of the team at Levuka through newspapers. Despite the underwhelming performance in the first leg, Simon is upbeat that the lads will be the surprise package in the second leg. 

Slim margins

"If you look at the table teams are separated by slim margins so you have a very good chance of going up there in the second leg. The league has just began for us and it is time to show people what Mathare United is made of. I know we will be back to where we belong soon," added a confident Kimani. 

Skipper George Wise Owino, in his parting shot, promised to give Simon something to smile about when he returns to the stands to support the team in the second leg. 

Good results 

"As a team we are proud of you because it is not always easy to stop something that you have been addicted to. We will continue supporting you and we are determined to get good results in the second leg," remarked Owino. 

The return of Simon is certainly a big boost to the club ahead of the second leg as the club seeks to revamp its fan base. The 45 year old is set to be handed a role within the club once he is discharged. 

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